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You’re listening to The Sheep Dogs Mind - The podcast for first responders by a first responder.

Todd Koch, former U.S. Air Force law enforcement specialist, K-9 Handler, Police officer...and now a limited licensed professional counselor specializing in Post Traumatic Stress in our first responder heroes, brings his experience and solution-based practice to work for you.

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May 12, 2021

Todd Koch is both an ex-cop and a veteran, and as such, he’s dealt with his share of trauma. He is a trauma expert and a devout believer. Today, he joins us to talk about trauma, a problem people often don’t even realize they have, and for which they sometimes don’t seek help.

In this episode, Todd shares the story of how he decided to focus his expertise on trauma, and he notes the importance of personal experience. We discuss how people with different perspectives and ages react differently to traumatic experiences. We explain why we think the term “trauma” is underused as opposed to overused, and we talk about the ACE studies. We note the importance of forgiving yourself. We list the health problems that can result from childhood trauma, and we note some of the science behind PTSD. We also discuss how going against God’s will can be a traumatic experience.

“If God can forgive us, why can’t we forgive ourselves?”

- Todd Koch

This week on Shepherd & the Shrink:

  • The importance of personal experience
  • Differences in reactions to traumatic experiences
  • Trauma as an injury as opposed to a disorder
  • The ACE studies
  • Forgiving yourself
  • The science behind PTSD
  • Creating meaning around trauma as opposed to trying to erase it